Family Dad Chores

Intuitive Set-up

No sign-up required. Just download, add family members and assign chores.

Simple to Use

An easy-to-navigate mode for children and a robust parent mode for managing chores.


Perfect for small and large families. No limit on the number of family members, chores, or devices.


Quickly assign points to completed chores and create unique rewards to motivate your child.


Share one device or sync across many for easy daily management of chores and rewards.

100% Ad-free

Have total confidence your child is only working on chores while on our app.

Happy Family

“I use this app every day. Now I ask my kids if their chores are done instead of constantly repeating each chore and step to each child”


Less stress and contention

“Getting ready for school is much easier with my 5 boys. I actually have a smile on my face when driving my kids to school.”


Happier mom